Microsoft Dynamics workshop

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics and what it can do for you. Implement Microsoft Dynamics within your organisation using our on-site two-day workshop

For £700* we can visit you on-site for two days to configure and demonstrate the following Microsoft Dynamics features, either with your Office 365 tenant or using a trial version:

  • Contact Relationship Management
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • General Administration

Take full advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM trial by importing your personal data To gain a more valuable insight into the application, we can assist you in getting started by importing a sample of your record from Excel to give you a clearer overview of how the system can benefit you and your business. **



Day 1 – Introduction and Importing

  • Importing sample data from Excel
  • Introduction to Dynamics CRM
  • Lunch break
  • Navigating and searching in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Understanding CRM accounts, contacts and leads
  • Creating and managing CRM records and activities
  • Overall summary / questions


Day 2 – Customisation and Integration

  • Introduction to Marketing in Dynamics
  • Build static and dynamic marketing lists
  • Working with CRM campaigns and quick campaigns
  • Lunch break
  • Third party add-ons and integrations
  • Personalise your CRM system
  • Configuring Microsoft Dynamics help and resource centre
  • Overall summary / questions


* Excludes VAT. Terms and conditions apply.

** Specific requirements will need to be met, prior to the visit, to ensure correct importing of data from Excel to Dynamics. 


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