Apple announces iPad Pro

Written by Lee Ramm on 30 September 2015
The new iPad looked pretty impressive during the demonstration at the Apple Keynote speech

Apple announced the new iPad Pro, a tablet device that has a huge 12.9” display, 10 hours battery life, 4 speakers and a full size software keyboard. It weighs virtually the same as the first iPad despite being much larger and is also claimed to be faster in use than 80% of laptops that are currently being shipped. A couple of accessories were introduced such as a keyboard case specific to the iPad Pro, as well as a stylus device called the Apple Pencil (both of which appear similar in concept to accessories already used with Microsoft’s Surface devices), but definitely welcome additions. It will be interesting to see how the iPad Pro benchmarks against Microsoft’s Surface Pro as time goes on but the iPad looked pretty impressive during the demonstration at the Keynote speech.

Apple also announced the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus (which are effectively enhanced versions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) but with new A9 processor. It is touted as being up to 70% faster than its predecessor in everyday use and has much improved graphics performance also. Interestingly, the iPhone 6s is slightly larger in depth than the iPhone 6 and has a lower capacity battery (presumably due to reduced power consumption required to process the graphics). From what we can gather there are no real show-stopping changes from the previous models though but that isn’t stopping people buying them in droves.


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