Group Calendar Web Part

Written by Adam Hyland on 03 October 2017
As part of the new modern team sites and communication sites that come with SharePoint Online, Microsoft are continuously pushing new Web Parts out.

One of these new Web Parts is the Group Calendar Web Part which is currently being rolled out to first release customers.

So, what is it I hear you asking? A Group Calendar Web Part allows you to view a calendar of an existing Outlook group. When adding the Web Part, you simply select the group for which you wish to view calendar events, then using the slider, select the number of events you want to see.



Once the Web Part has been added and the page published it is simple to switch between past and upcoming events.



You can also view more details about specific events and even download the event to add to your personal calendar.



This Web Part is the latest in a series of Web Parts being released by Microsoft.

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