Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

Written by Lee Ramm on 23 November 2015
Microsoft have certainly been busy making new hardware to compliment it’s new Windows 10 OS.

Two of the most notable are the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. The Surface Pro 4 is pretty much a tablet that can be used as a laptop (on a flat surface) through the use of a keyboard case and the in-built flip out stand. It is really just a bigger version of the Surface devices that went before it. The difference is a larger 12.3” screen size which makes for a better viewing experience but at the cost of size and weight. Whether you would go for a Surface Pro 4 over a Surface Pro 3 is just down to personal preference and budget to a lesser extent.

The Surface Book on the other hand is Microsoft’s first venture into full on laptop territory and not just that, it is a convertible device. With a 13.5” detachable screen that is a high spec tablet device in it’s own right it will no doubt be seen by some as the best of both worlds. The base model comes with a Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM so the specs start at a pretty high level. The hinge mechanism on the Surface Book may not be to everyone’s preference but it is clever in how it operates. Raising the back end of the keyboard base as it opens it acts as a cantilever to support the fairly hefty screen / tablet. The price of the Surface Book will be significantly higher than that of the Surface Pro 4 on release but it does have a lot packed inside including a powerful graphics processor and over 12 hours battery power between charges. Don’t expect it to be as small as the Dell XPS 13 though. It has a bigger foot print than a MacBook Pro.

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