Windows 10 free upgrade ends on 29 July 2016

Written by Lee Ramm on 02 June 2016
Approximately 300 million devices have now been upgraded to the new Windows 10 operating system since Microsoft announced their free offer.

If you are planning to upgrade after 29 July 2016 it has been rumoured that you will have to pay £99.99 per device. We’ll have to see if Microsoft change their mind nearer the time and extend the update window but we are airing on the side of caution. As far as we are aware Microsoft have no plans to extend the free upgrade window.

With potential upgrade costs looming many of our customers are now making the move to Windows 10. Our recommendation would be to consider the pros and cons of upgrading now vs waiting. If you are planning on a hardware refresh at some point in the next year or so then upgrading now isn’t such a big deal…that is providing you purchase your computer hardware with OEM operating systems included.

If you are planning to stick with existing hardware for another few years though, now is most definitely the time to seriously consider upgrading.

We are already 10 months in to the free upgrade window with only two more “free” months to go.

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