Have you moved to Google and the grass isn’t greener?

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Find it an impossible task to control and manage Google Drive?


Is managing document ownership in your domain a drain on resources and preventing user access?


Do you miss CRM integration and the ability of having a single view of your customers?


Are your users working across multiple platforms with limited integration? Is this stifling your organisations performance?


The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so let us show you what Microsoft Office 365 has to offer now


With key expertise from both a Google and Microsoft perspective, the event will explore the capabilities Microsoft Office 365 enterprise features now has to offer which may not have been available before and how these new features can fit into your organisation. We will discuss topics such as file storage, organisation and management of data, integration, and much more to help you understand how these Office 365 features could overcome weaknesses in Google’s offering for enterprises.

The Microsoft Office 365 approach

Personal productivity

Office 365 offers feature-rich applications, personal storage options such as One Drive, One Drive for Business and collaboration tools using Lync. Being mobile and browser based does not mean a restrictive user experience.

Team productivity

SharePoint Online can bring teams of users together on a single platform in order to collaborate and use feature rich tools to increase productivity.

Enterprise productivity

Content and document management and ownership is made easier with SharePoint. Improved collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers. Security and compliance are key. 

Enterprise integration

Microsoft is at the heart of the organisation providing supported integration capabilities. We can show you how organisations are integrating 3rd party systems into the Microsoft stack.


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