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Polymorph consultants worked closely with Graduate Prospects to provide guidance, advice and recommendations.


Polymorph consultants needed to work closely with Graduate Prospects to provide guidance, advice and recommendations to help the organisation ensure optimisation of its new online and digital communication channels, which include its website, newsletter and e-zines. This provided a critical link between students and graduates, careers support services, UK Universities and graduate employers to ensure that all students and graduates have instant access to up-to-the-minute careers advice and the latest vacancies.


In order to optimise Graduate Prospects' new communication channels, the company needed to address some challenges inherent in its current IT architecture. Polymorph's consultants conducted a series of structured interviews with key staff members across all sections of the company to understand the strategic direction of the business and existing pain points. A number of assessment tools were used, including Microsoft's Infrastructure Optimisation Framework, to review the technical infrastructure and to analyse how well it satisfied the business objectives. Polymorph's consultants proposed a set of recommendations and highlighted the primary need for Graduate Prospects to appoint an IT Executive who would focus on driving IT developments and provide strategic technical leadership.


"With the continuing changes in our key markets and the growth of IT reliant products and services, we had come to an important junction at Graduate Prospects," commented Allan Brown, Sales Director at Graduate Prospects. "We were increasingly developing our digital channels, our website, newsletters and e-zines, which meant that we were more and more reliant on IT to deliver these to our audiences. In Polymorph we found a comprehensive solution, as the company's consultants understood our particular business needs, which in effect are led by our technology needs, and provided the most holistic approach."

On the back of Polymorph's recommendations and with its support and involvement throughout the recruitment process, Graduate Prospects hired Adrian Preston as its new Chief Technology Officer. He brings over 17 years of strategic leadership, solution architecture, programme management and delivery experience.


Graduate Prospects provide careers advice and job and course opportunities to students and graduates. Providing a range of advice and services, their aim is to help students and graduates to make informed choices about their career options. 

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Growing organisations such as Graduate Prospects now see their IT operations as a key competitive differentiator and a way of improving the service they offer to their clients and customers. We look forward to continue working with Graduate Prospects to provide assistance and support for the development of the company's new streamlined IT infrastructure, as well as helping it achieve true value and return on investments.
Stephen Harris, Managing Director
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