Huge data migration to SharePoint 2013

Polymorph undertake a huge data migration to SharePoint 2013 for Alexander Mann Solutions


Alexander Mann Solutions integrate outsourcing capability and consulting expertise to enable organisations to attract, engage and retain top talent. With the organisation rapidly growing Alexander Mann Solutions is investing in its technology to provide the foundation to support this growth.

Alexander Mann Solutions were using SharePoint 2007 for sharing documents and information within their team sites. The internal intranet portal, also developed in SharePoint 2007, had begun to feel dated and needed a fresh new format and design.

“There is presently a significant investment in technology across the business” said David Baulch, Programme Manager. “We are a growing business and the technology changes are to aid that growth now and in the future”.


Alexander Mann Solutions required a partner with the right skills to undertake these challenges and found Microsoft Gold Partners Polymorph.

Polymorph offered an initial intense discovery session about SharePoint 2013. This session produced the required deliverables and associated indicative timescales for delivery. Following this discovery session Polymorph were selected as the chosen implementation partner.

“Polymorph outlined from the outset that that migrating directly from SharePoint 2007 to 2013 and bypassing 2010 would bring its own challenges,” said David.

Polymorph migrated over a significant amount of data consisting of approximately 700,000 documents across 105 team sites. All 105 sites had individual permissions set up on them, therefore a large amount of permissions were required to be setup.

Polymorph developed a bespoke migration process encompassing pre and post migration checks to ensure the data migration went as smoothly as possible. “This was a substantial migration process,” continued David. “Polymorph worked intensively to complete this data migration within three months”. When asked about his perception of Polymorph, David replied “Polymorph are an incredibly professional, knowledgeable and dynamic team. Working with Polymorph felt like working as one migration team rather than a client supplier relationship.”

Keeping consistent with using SharePoint 2013, Polymorph also updated and redesigned Alexander Mann Solutions intranet portal used for news articles and team sites.

In addition Polymorph have created a new Career Development Centre portal, which is an internal online booking training portal in SharePoint 2013 where staff in AMS can book onto training courses all over the world, showing the best courses for them, track courses they are booked on or have attended, details of the course and cancel options if need be, as well as the capability to distribute feedback forms after the course.


Alexander Mann Solutions have been pleased with Polymorphs’ successful migration of the data to SharePoint 2013. This move to SharePoint 2013 has also reduced the ongoing monthly operational costs. As with all changes of this scale the jump from 2007 will require further embedding across the company and they are working with staff on this at present.


Alexander Mann Solutions is the world’s leading provider of talent acquisition and management services, partnering with clients to deliver creative talent acquisition and integrated talent management solutions in over 80 countries and 30 languages, on all continents (bar Antarctica).

They integrate their outsourcing capability and consulting expertise to enable organisations to attract, engage and retain top talent. With a staff of over 3,000 people, their award-winning teams and their powerful insight are uniquely placed to support the thinking behind and delivery of a client’s people strategy. They deliver impactful business outcomes across the full talent lifecycle; from strategic workforce planning and employer branding, to assessment and selection, on-boarding and engagement, from school leavers and graduates, middle managers and executives, to board members and C-suite appointments – permanent and contingent labour.

Alexander Mann Solutions have deep industry expertise in a number of sectors, specifically: Retail and Financial Services; Investment Banking and Professional Services; Technology and Media; Defence, Engineering and Business Services; Energy; and Healthcare and Life Sciences.

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