SharePoint intranet for Kingspan

We have designed and implemented a new intranet portal using SharePoint for Kingspan.


Kingspan Insulated Panels have been using their Benchmark SharePoint System predominately as a Product Intranet Portal site since 2010, which holds information on all products within the Benchmark Sub-Division.

Whilst the company could see the benefits of SharePoint allowing business information, news and data to be centralised and shared among team members across various departments, there was a need to update the current site and improve the functionality.

Employee perception of SharePoint reached a low point and it became apparent that users needed a fresh overview about SharePoint and how to best utilise its capabilities.

The main challenges that needed to be addressed were:

  • A difficultly in navigating through the current site where users found themselves lost in the lower levels of the site, with no way to return to the home page
  • Employees found it easier and quicker to email the product specialist for information on a product and have access to up-to-date versions of documents rather than attempt to find it in the existing portal
  • The existing SharePoint site had not been previously governed so, with no standard structure, and broken links, the user experience was not what it could be
  • The site was not structured in a way it could easily grow and change with the business.


Through high recommendation Polymorph were chosen to design and implement a new intranet portal for Kingspan's internal users to facilitate information and document sharing with each other, to improve communication and collaboration.

Polymorph provided a bespoke SharePoint application design for Kingspan, changing where information was structured and stored, improving the look and feel of the new intranet as well as increasing accessibility of data and resources across various departments and locations.

Regular focus groups and workshops were conducted throughout the project with all relevant stake holders to validate the business requirements.


  • An intranet portal made available for single point of access allowing employees to share most up-to-date documents of the current versions saving time, optimising communication and improving collaboration
  • An improved user friendly intranet with enhanced interactivity features
  • The ability for different departments to record specific information such as events on calendars, policies and procedures documentation, announcements for team news, which was made easier to input, access and share
  • Improved governance within the system to manage site creation.
  • Improved navigation links ensured that users had a better understanding of their whereabouts in the system
  • Consistency in the look and feel of the new intranet design which is more dynamic and in line with the company branding guidelines.


Kingspan Insulated Panels are global leaders in the design, development and delivery of advanced building envelopes products and solutions who go beyond the simple manufacture and supply of high performance products, to provide customers with solutions that take into account every aspect of the challenges faced. Kingspan Insulated Panels are a sub-division of Kingspan Group who have manufacturing plants and sales offices in 57 countries, sells in more than 85 countries and employs more than 6,000 people worldwide.

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