Polymorph deliver bespoke application for Lawyer Checker building on their 'Microsoft first' strategy

Lawyer Checker action over 500 searches per day via a bespoke platform delivered and maintained by Polymorph


Lawyer Checker, based in Tarporley, Cheshire, is an online fraud prevention service in the conveyancing industry. Chris Harris, Managing Director of Lawyer Checker, created the business in 2010 after identifying there was an increasing amount of fraud in the conveyancing market. “We recognised there was some validity in creating a tool to help solicitors protect client money,” said Chris. “I needed a database structure that allowed me to capture solicitors account numbers so I could develop a risk algorithm that helped me ascertain that the account numbers to which money was being sent were safe and had a track record of use.”

With a successful track record in bespoke application development Lawyer Checker approached Polymorph for the job.


Polymorph worked with Lawyer Checker to develop a completely bespoke software solution. Polymorph developed a bespoke ASP.Net application platform to deliver the rules engine and results for over 8,000 searches a month.

The solution provides an end-to-end platform for the business, from placing an order for a search, to the tools to fulfil that order, to invoicing and reporting.

From the first days of operation, Lawyer Checker selected Microsoft Office 365 as their platform of choice, including adopting a 'Microsoft First' policy. The flexibility of Microsoft Office 365 licensing has allowed them to expand their licences at the same pace as their business growth.


Firms are exposing themselves to significant financial risk and potential brand damage by not thoroughly checking where they are sending money prior to a transaction. Polymorph worked with Lawyer Checker to develop a system that offers a quick and easy way for them to reduce that risk.

“Polymorph have been fantastic – we have a great relationship with them,” said Chris. “We speak to a lot of businesses who have very bad relationships with their IT and my thoughts in my head would be – I would just recommend them to Polymorph,” adds Jenny Owen, Commercial Director.

For a fixed price, conveyancers will now be able to run a check on the client account purported to be a legitimate vendor's solicitor to help verify that the firm is legitimate.

Lawyer Checker’s use of Microsoft applications range from Microsoft Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Power BI, to Microsoft Azure SQL. They are looking to improve upon their already extensive use of Microsoft products by developing bespoke Office 365 CRM applications and Polymorph will be assisting in the integration of their main business solution with Dynamics CRM.


Lawyer Checker is an online service providing market leading, risk management solutions to the conveyancing industry. Lawyer Checkers online checks allow conveyancers to gather further information on the conveyancer to which they are sending money to or their own client they’re dealing with. This enables them to better assess the risks associated with transferring funds throughout the property transaction. 

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