Azure cloud backup

Azure cloud backup is a simple and reliable cloud-integrated backup as a service (BaaS) solution. It is completely scalable to fit your needs and has 99.9% availability.

Your data is backed up in several locations too so there are multiple copies. You can even have it stored across multiple datacenters that are hundreds of miles apart.

The pricing model is pay as you go. There are no setup fees and no termination charges. You simply rent the storage you require on a monthly basis.

How much is it?

A typical back up instance of 250 GB should cost less than £10 a month. 

The cost is made up of a monthly Azure instance cost, the storage costs, data write costs, data retrieval costs and other transactions.

You can try the Microsoft storage calculator by clicking here

How easy is it to use?

Once you have registered your server or PC with Microsoft Azure, creating backups is easy via the Azure MMC snap-in.

Click on Schedule Backup and simply select what you wish to back up, then specify when you want the backups to run (i.e. daily, weekly and the time to run) and the retention policy (i.e. how long you want to keep the backup for). Finally click the Back Up Now button and that’s it! You are up and running.

If you have a reasonably good internet connection, you can simply do the initial backup via your network. If, however you have a slow connection and a large amount of data to backup, Microsoft provide the option to carry out what’s called an Offline Backup which is used to “seed” your first backup. This is where you take a backup to USB disk or Pen Drive and ship it to your nearest Azure datacenter where the data is uploaded for you.

Restoring files is just as easy and you can restore to the original file / folder location or to somewhere completely different such an alternative machine. Just one point to note is that you can’t restore to a machine running an earlier operating system than the source machine. You can however restore to a machine with a newer O/S.

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