Azure Web App service

Highly scalable website and web application hosting.

Leverage the benefits of the Microsoft Azure platform by hosting your .NET ASP or MVC websites / applications in the Azure Web App service.

This managed service allows you to deploy and run your applications without any exposure to the underlying operating system. Windows updates, security patches and feature updates are all taken care of by the platform.

The simplicity of this interface allows rapid scale and deployment – you can increase your Application hosting from 1 instance to 10 instances at the click of a button as needs arise. If your environment experiences a hardware failure, simply re-deploy to new hardware within minutes.

Simply and efficiently host any of the following

  • Custom .NET (ASP/MVC) applications and websites over HTTP or HTTPS using any hostname you own.
  • Content Management systems such as Umbraco, Wordpress, Drupal and e-commerce solutions.
  • Applications that require MS SQL server can be supported by using Microsoft SQL as a Service.

Key features

  • App Service is ISO, SOC, and PCI compliant.
  • Scale up or out manually or automatically. Host your apps anywhere in Microsoft's global datacenter infrastructure, and the App Service SLA promises high availability.
  • App Service has first-class support for ASP.NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, and Python. You can also run Windows PowerShell and other scripts or executables on App Service VMs.
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