Cyber Security

If your business is connected to the internet and without the right IT Security, you are at risk of cyber-attack.

What is Cyber Security?

With Cyber fraud on the rise it is more important than ever to understand Cyber Security and the vulnerabilities open to your business without the correct protection. Cyber Security is the protection of your computer systems, network or data from cyber-attacks and unauthorised access, by hackers and cyber criminals.

What are the consequences of a cyber-attack?

Cyber-attacks come in many forms and are delivered to many different platforms. Depending on what the attacker is attempting to achieve, attacks can result in:

  • Disruption and disable your environment
  • Hold ransom to important data
  • Forging of banking information for financial gain
  • Stealing of sensitive and personal information
  • Exfiltration of data for competition and rival businesses.
  • Financial damage and reputation
  • Compensation for any staff or customers effected by the breach
  • Costs of remediation to your systems, network and downtime

How Polymorph can help minimise the risk of a Cyber Security breach

We can help:

IDENTIFY any abnormal behaviour, using Firewalls with Intrusion Prevention Systems, Network Baseline Monitoring, Data Loss Prevention / Monitoring, Peripheral Lockdowns / Monitoring, Web Control and Filtering, Full Server Lockdown Technology.

INVESTIGATE via Mobile Device Management, Firewall Reporting and Monitoring, Server Checks and Monitoring, Anti-Virus Checks and Monitoring, O365 Analysis, SIEM solutions.

PREVENT using Endpoint & Server Protection, O365 Hardening & Management, Advanced Threat Protection, Sandboxing, Ransomware Protection, "next generation" firewalls, Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing, Full Disk Encryption and Anti-Phishing Campaigns.

For more information how to keep your business safe, or for a free security audit, fill in the form below.

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