iDocLink enables IBM Notes Doclinks to work on your iPhone with IBM Notes Traveler.

If your Domino application supports web access over HTTP then you're now able to click Doclinks directly from your iPhone mail client and directly launch the HTTP version.

iDocLink provides a configuration area to map your Domino server names to their HTTP equivalents, allowing you to support any number of servers. 


  • Supports Doc-links
  • Supports View-links
  • Supports Application-links
  • Domino server name -> hostname mapping table
  • Works with Notes:// URLs in Safari & iOS mail client

* iDocLink presently only works on "text" links generated by IBM Notes Traveler, "image" links such as those received via SMTP are not clickable on the iOS mail client at present. iDocLink only works on mails received *after* it was installed. This is an iOS limitation.


Quick start

If you have a simple, single server infrastructure then just configure the 'default hostname' and you're off.

If you have multiple servers then add a hostname mapping for each server. For example, if your server "Notes1" is accessible on the web via "" then simply enter those values in the relevant fields. 

IBM Notes Traveler

By default, Notes Travler and DWA don't export "Notes://" URLs to their clients. To enable the server to offer up Doclinks to these clients then simply add the following entry to your Traveler servers Notes.ini




I've installed iDocLink and clicked a doclink in an email but it hasn't worked, why?


Only mails that were received after iDocLink was installed can be used. This is due to a security restriction in the iOS mail client.


My doclinks still don't work; I've clicked on the icon and I just get a popup asking me to copy the link?


Ensure your Notes Traveler server has the INI file setting specified above. You may have to restart the Traveler servlet task or the Domino server itself for this to take effect. When this setting is in place, all doclinks should have an additional piece of text alongside them called "Notes Link" (see screenshot below). 

Ensure you are clicking on the "Notes Link" text.  



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