Maritime Security and Defence

Maritime security is a global problem where some of the best results come from multi-agency co-ordination and information / knowledge sharing initiatives.

Polymorph’s maritime division provides secure maritime domain awareness and information sharing tools to both the military and other organisations in the maritime sector.


Features that our bespoke platform can provide:

  • Supports low-bandwidth users

  • Real-time chat and alerts mechanism

  • Presence awareness for private chats

  • Comprehensive mapping features:

    • Plot information such as piracy attacks, illegal fishing, human smuggling activities

    • Overlay nautical charts

    • Import custom data feeds

    • Overlay AIS feeds

    • Live updates 

  • AES-256 encryption for document and file sharing
  • Custom forms builder and submitted forms manager

  • Custom workflow system

  • Deconfliction tool for planning purposes

  • Full training suite with automatic incident alerts for trainees to react to and interact with

  • Supports multi-screen ‘command centre’ style operation

  • Full audit trail of all system activities

  • Comprehensive security model

  • Plot lines, polygons, shapes

  • Plot individual map points

  • Show vessel information, including range indicators

  • Turn on/off specific overlays incl. AIS feeds, nautical chats, custom data imports


For more information on our Maritime Domain Awareness solutions, please visit our dedicated website.

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The breadth of functionality and collaboration of the tool has provided the necessary cooperative framework that will allow all involved to cooperate effectively with other naval forces and assets deployed in the region. Without doubt Polymorph’s systems and services have saved lives.
Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa Director