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Polymorph offer a range of SharePoint services enabling our clients to fully exploit the features available and extend SharePoint.

SharePoint is the leading enterprise communication and collaboration platform from Microsoft that can provide organisations through a secure environment, the tools for collaborative working. SharePoint offers a variety of functions from simple file sharing of centrally located information to a full document storing and record management system.

SharePoint’s flexible capabilities will let your team to set up public facing websites, intranets, extranets and manage your own content as well as utilising business intelligence dashboards to collate data that helps make better company decisions.

If you are wondering how this can be achieved rest assured in knowing Polymorph have deployed SharePoint for a number of organisations via SharePoint Online through Office 365, dedicated on-premise servers or a hybrid solution hosted with Microsoft Azure.

We are Certified Microsoft Gold Partners and our team of professional and highly trained SharePoint consultants have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a range of first class SharePoint services for your business.

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