Umbraco is an open source content management system built upon the Microsoft technology framework. We here at Polymorph have made the Umbraco CMS our number one choice when it comes to giving our clients complete control over their website content.

We’ve found Umbraco provides a solid yet flexible application platform that allows us to offer our clients complete control over their website content without having to compromise on functionality or design quality. The open source approach adopted by Umbraco allows us unlimited scope to extend the backend functionality of the software to tailor website solutions to meet the most complex requirements.

As content managers

  • The Umbraco user interface is fluid, intuitive and easy to grasp empowering editors to take full control of their website’s content.
  • The Media section provides a means to both manage and deliver rich media content and store images, videos and other documents that can be used within the website itself or to simply provide a online home for these items that can be used in marketing campaigns etc.
  • Fully customisable html templates provide the means to take advantage of the latest SEO techniques and approaches.
  • A built in content cache and friendly URL’s work effortlessly to improve website performance and increase SEO support.
  • Umbraco can integrate with third party systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, Mailchimp, Dotmailer, Salesforce and social media API’s.
  • Umbraco can easily implement multilingual websites and customise content to your chosen language with multilingual back office tools and language specific dictionary’s.
  • Umbraco also allows you to manage multiple domains or sub domains within the one application instance.
  • It also takes advantage of the latest Microsoft authentication tools to provide full web security and membership functionality to allow members only content and permissions based access levels.

As web designers

  • Umbraco gives us complete control over the implementation of the design and underlying html and styling output of the content management system back office, allowing us to create unique looking, and highly customisable websites and web applications.
  • Unlimited JavaScript support and the adoption of standard languages (html, css, jQuery, c#) means we can offer design and functionality that take full advantage of the most up to date web techniques to create everything from fully responsive, multi device websites to highly customised bespoke gallery applications.

As web developers

  • Umbraco allows us to extend the 'out of the box' functionality of its back office by providing access to the underlying API’s that drive the content management system.
  • We can also add in functionality from a fantastic range of packages constantly being designed and developed by the ever-growing Umbraco community of developers and users.
  • Add to this the power to implement our own bespoke custom controls, we can provide additional functionality by harnessing the latest Microsoft .net technologies, such as MVC and Microsoft Web API amongst others, giving us the power to provide both comprehensive and robust solutions.

So if you’re looking for a website solution Polymorph and Umbraco can provide the perfect solution.


Why not get in touch with us and let us help you

  • Update and refresh your existing website design.
  • Add content management to your existing static website.
  • Bring your website up to date to meet requirements for responsive design and multi device support
  • Create an online presence with your first website.
  • Upgrade your existing website to add new functionality.
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Matthew Lowe, Marketing Operations Manager
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