Virtual cloud server room

There has been a large shift in technology over the recent years with many companies looking to move the cloud.

The common debate with businesses is the operating expense, operating expenditure (cloud approach) and capital expenditure (on-premise). It’s clear that operating expenditure is becoming favoured which brings in the debate of rent vs buy. The cloud becomes very compelling, especially the ease at which you can provision, scale, decommission and only pay for what you use.

Gone are the days when IT was central to businesses and large budgets thrown at it. Companies are choosing Azure because of the ease, reduced administration and overhead. It takes a matter of minutes to provision a server which includes the latest edition of Windows Server and an application like SharePoint. Building the same environment on a physical server would take a number of hours.

When companies purchase their own servers and host them at their location, they are trying to gauge how much processing power and capacity is required. In which case, they may purchase too much, not utilising all the available resource or too little and then need to buy additional resources, capacity or even servers to cope with demand.

With Azure you only pay for what you use. If you need more / less resources, simply scale accordingly. Only pay for the amount of space you require, instead of paying for empty storage at the maximum amount which will never be used.

In addition to the pay as you go cost savings and scalability, another benefit is reliability. Microsoft’s datacentres have multiple built-in resiliencies and technology, many of which are out of budget for many small-medium businesses.

Another benefit of hosting your infrastructure in Azure is the ease of upgrades. Microsoft has a vast range of programming languages, tools and framework. Easily provision your machine on the latest technology available.

If you would like to learn more about Windows Azure and how it can fit in or even replace your on-premise infrastructure, fill in your details below.

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